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Identifying many types of bees!

Identifying many types of bees!


Summer is not too far away from us, and will soon come around very quickly. This means we will get visited by a very unwanted pest! Can you guess? Of course, bees. Its about time we start to learn how to get rid of bees. With the warmer weather creeping up on us, larger numbers of bees will soon be on us.

There is many different species of bees living in the UK, and being able to treat them can be very difficult. Carry on reading below to find out how to treat bees and also how to identify them.


Different types of bees

Bumble bees 


These bees are much larger, rounder and more furrier than the other types of bees that are in the UK. It has stripes across the end of it tail and they can vary in colour.


Where are they found?

Bumblebee nests are often found underground. They are normally in burrows, beneath decking or in compost bins. Their also found in grass or leaves.


Tree Bees 


These types of bees have only recently started to be seen in the UK. They have a banding with a reddish brown thorax. They have a brown abdomen and a white tail.


Where are they found?

Tree bees seem to always be found above the ground in bird boxes or in the crevices of buildings. They also make a noise which can be heard from the hive that sound like a chattering noise.


Solitary Bees


These bees have hardly any ways of being able to be spotted compared to the others. They are small bees with black bodies and a reddish-brown bottom.


Where are they found?

Solitary bees live in very large numbers, they are normally seen moving in and out of holes in walls. These bees decide to nest in cavities of walls.


Honey Bees


These bees are small with different colour varying from golden brown to a very near black. This species can be found in swarms unlike any of the other bees.


Where are they found?

Honey bees are hardly ever a problem as a pest. There swarms can nest in wall cavities and can be very intimidating. They’ve also be known to be found in cars and trees.


If you want to find out more about getting rid of bees click here.

Night… Don’t let the bedbugs bite

Night… Don’t let the bedbugs bite


Do you want bedbugs in your home?

Bedbugs are one of the pests that you want to stay away from your home or property. They will want to take over your home and especially your bed. Bedbugs are very good pests to be able to hide away very easily. When you are sleeping this is when bedbugs like to come out and feed on you as you will not notice.


What do bedbugs look like?

Bedbugs have small oval shaped bodies which are very flat. They have no wings so they are bugs that are unable to fly. Whereas adults do have the vestiges of wings which are called wing pads. But they do not develop into functional wings. The adult bedbugs are brown but once they start to feed they start to turn a reddish colour.


What do bedbugs eat?

Bedbugs absolutely love to eat human blood, but they are mainly known to feed on animals like bats. Whereas bedbugs will eat literally anything that has blood inside of them.


Can bedbugs travel with you?

Bedbugs do not like heat, therefore they do not stay in your hair or on your skin. On the other hand bedbugs are most likely to travel in backpacks, luggage, shoes or other items. When you are travelling always be aware to cage for the common signs of bedbugs (which are below). If you have been on a recent trip make sure to wash your clothes are luggage at a high temperature.


Common signs of Bedbugs:

  • Blood stains or pillows or sheets
  • Dark spots of bedbug excrement on mattress/sheets/bed
  • Musty odor from the bugs scent glands
  • Bedbug fecal spots, egg shells, or shed skin


How long do bedbugs live off the body?

Every single bedbug takes 10 days to hatch, and then another 5-6 weeks for the offspring to turn into an adult. Bedbugs are able to survive 2-3 months without a blood meal. So imagine how long they can live whilst living off your body!


How to get rid of Bedbugs?

  • Clean bedding
  • Clean linens and curtains
  • Wash clothes in hot temperature
  • Use a brush to scrub mattress
  • Hoover up your bed frequently 
  • Repair cracks in plaster
  • Get rid of clutter in the property


If you believe that you have bedbugs in your house, it is very important that you should call a professional pest control company as soon as possible.

Prevent cockroaches!

Prevent cockroaches!


Want To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are one of the many pests that you never want to be faced with. They are a nuisance all over the globe and cause very many problems in your homes and businesses. If their is a cockroach in your property it is able to bring dirt and poor hygiene in. This will give you a largely negative effect on your business.


These pests are a hard pests to her rid of as they breed very rapidly. They are clever and are able to survive on almost every food. This means that if you ever have a cockroach problem, you should get it treated very quickly.


The best way not to get cockroaches in the first place is to try out different methods to prevent them in the first place.


Top ways to prevent cockroaches:


Keep your house clean!

One of the top ways to reduce the chance of getting a cockroach problem is by keeping your property clean. You should always keep onto of your house work by making sure your waste is always cleared, food is always thrown away if not used and just the general household chores. Cockroaches are always more active during the night time so removing pet food and litter is always a good thing to do.


Remove unwanted things!

By removing all your unwanted goods and other things like newspapers and magazines, this will stop cockroaches being able to have places to leave there droppings. By de cluttering your house it will eliminate areas for them to be distributed.


Get rid of food sources!

Cockroaches absolutely love to scavenge for any food. The best way to prevent cockroaches is to remove any sources laying around your property.

You can redo this by:

Removing Liquids

Get rid of Standing foods

Empty bins regularly 

Store Food


Call a professional!

Lastly the NUMBER 1 way to get rid of your cockroach infestation is by contacting a professional pest control company who will be able to offer the correct services.


If you have a cockroach problem, get in contact with Conquest Pest Control Services today!

Identify - Bedbugs Or Fleas

Identify - Bedbugs Or Fleas


Its never the best thing to wake up realising that you have bites on your skin that are constantly itching and then knowing that there may be pests around you! But there really small so your not sure whether there bedbugs or fleas. Its quite hard to tell from the bites as they both look so similar.



The way bedbugs look:

Bedbugs are flat, oval and a browny reddish colour. They are usually around 5mm in length and can also be compared to ticks by the way they look.


Where do bedbugs live:


around beds

under the mattress 

on second hand clothing or bags etc

cracks of bed frames

behind loose wallpaper

electric outlets

on furniture

Bedbugs are usually found around the places that people sleep. This is because when humans sleep this is the time that we release co2, this majorly attracts bed bugs!


Bedbug bites:

Bedbug bites are a lot more difficult to identify than flea bites because they look a lot like mosquito bites. People also seem to mismate bedbugs bikes for types of allergies and treat them in the wrong way. When looking to see if your bite is a bedbug bite you have to look for a pattern. When also checking you have to remember that bedbugs are nocturnal and therefore bite after dark.


The way fleas look:

Fleas are approximately 2.5mm long and are a dark colour. They are normally a brown to red colour. Fleas have a thin, flat body with hair on them. Fleas have 6 long legs but they have no wings.


Where do fleas live:

On animals 

in your carpet

on clothing 

Fleas usually live in your house if you have animals/pets. Adult fleas jump onto your dog or cat and start to feed on its blood and then lay eggs.


Flea bites:

As above, fleas are most typically found on pets like dogs and cats. But they can also be found on other animals. Some people are more sensitive to flea bites than other people are. Children are most likely to react to bites and get allergic reactions. If you get a flea bite it is very recommended that you do not scratch the bite as they can get infected.

Flea bites usually look like small groups of little dots. Whereas bed bug bites are red, hard and are swollen a little. Bedbug bites look like mosquito bites. Usually the fleas bite randomly on the body. The bed bugs tend to bite more strategically in linear rows in threes. Where bed bug bites can be found anywhere on the body, flea bites are often located on the legs and ankles because these areas are easier to get to. 

If you have any bedbug or flea problem make sure to ring a 24hr pest control company.