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What Are The Criteria For Becoming A BPCA Member?

Due to its size and scope, there are a number of regulatory and also professional bodies governing the pest control industry. One of the largest of these is the BPCA. This stands for British Pest Control Association, and it’s probably the best organisation of its kind in the land. This is because a) it requires high standards to join and b) there are a number of benefits to becoming a member. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive from hiring a BPCA member.

Why would it be better to hire a BPCA member?

  • The BPCA liaises between pest controllers and the government, and also other important organisations. This is extremely beneficial for members. For example, the BPCA was instrumental in getting restrictions on pest controllers lifted during the COVID lockdowns.

  • The BPCA gives members accreditations that prove our standards of work meet the strictest criteria. This includes something called CHAS which stands for Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.
  • Through the organisations “business shield” program each BPCA member gets access to advice regarding health and safety regulations, employment, and law. This advice is worth its weight in gold because we then provide the highest standards of health and safety to our customers.
  • The BPCA keeps its members abreast of all the latest cutting edge technologies and methods that are being developed all the time. This means you will be getting all the latest treatment options, which will be the most effective.
  • Because our customers know we are members of a professional body with specific standards, you know you are getting a bona fide service, and can separate us out from the cowboys and unliscenced companies.
  • Continuing professional development is part of the BPCA member benefits. We get access to a number of opportunities for improving our professional skills. These include things like training sessions, seminars and up-to-date information about the industry.

  • Health and safety certification: as a BPCA member, we can get the extremely valuable SSIP health and safety certification.
  • Customers can search for us on the BPCA database, giving you additional peace of mind that a member is actually registered with them.
  • Members are kept updated about new invasive species and the latest news on local infestations and outbreaks. 
  • BPCA members get 10% off at Tradepoint stores. We can then pass this saving on to our customers, which saves you money by using companies who are members.
  • We are also entitled to use the BPCA logo. This can be placed on our vans and provides customers with peace of mind and confidence in our services.