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Is There A Discrete Pest Control Option For London Businesses?
Is it possible to get pest control for businesses…and make sure that no one knows about your problem? You see, pests can often come as a shock for business owners. When this does happen, the first thing they think about isn’t how to get rid of the pests. No, instead, they pray that no one finds out.

Who needs under the radar pest control?

It’s easy to understand why you might feel this way. There are certain businesses which cannot afford to be associated with pests. The best examples of this are expensive restaurants. People who go to these restaurants are expecting the best of the best. This doesn’t include a side order or cockroaches!

Other people who may need discrete pest control for businesses are those who run upmarket or exclusive venues. This can include five star, and boutique hotels, or even conference venues. High-priced nightclubs and pubs may also fall into this category. For example mice in your business premises can wreak havoc.
None of these businesses can afford the blow to their reputation that will come with pests. This is why pest controllers such as ourselves offer discrete pest control for businesses. But what does this actually involve?

How does discrete pest control for businesses work?

Basically, with all types of business pest control, we come in after your business is closed.  We come late and leave before your business opens the next day. We then carry out our services, which can include implementing pest proofing. This way, your patrons are none the wiser as to your pest problem.

After hours pest control for businesses also has other advantages. One of the biggest is that we do not get under your feet. Most restaurants are small and crowded in the kitchen and staff only areas, as well as the area for customers.
Pest control may also require large pieces of equipment. This is why it’s a lot more convenient for both parties if we come in once the place is closed. This may also be important depending on the type of procedure we are carrying out. In some cases, this would mean the closure of your restaurant for that day. But with afterhours pest control, this is no longer necessary.
The other advantage of this discrete London pest control services is that pest emergencies can be treated – and these do actually happen. Maybe you have a conference venue and attendees are arriving the next day, then a janitor or manager spots bed bugs. If this happens, you can call us in to take care of the problem, even if it’s ten o’clock at night. The bottom line is that some businesses needed discrete pest control. If you’re one of these businesses, then we’re standing by to help.