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What To Do If You See An Asian Hornet In Your Garden This Spring
Britain is plagued by dozens of invasive species. One of these species is the Asian hornet. This pest is currently making news headlines. There are several reasons for this. First of all, these pests pose a serious threat to Britain. Second, these pests are extremely dangerous. But what should a person do if they see one of these hornets in their garden?

There’s an Asian hornet in my garden! What now?

As we’ve said, the Asian hornet is extremely dangerous. These pests are a lot like wasps. They are extremely territorial and also aggressive. Like wasps, they are able to sting multiple times and will also chase people who come into their territory.

What this means is that you should leave the area if you think you have this hornet in your garden. Do not, under any circumstance, approach these pests. Just like finding a wasps’ nest, if you see a nest, do not attempt to interfere with it in any way. Do not knock it down, or set it on fire, or anything like that. If you do this, you could be taking your life into your hands.
We’re not joking. These pests are also considered a pest in Europe, and have been responsible for several deaths. One of the reasons for this is their size. These pests are a lot larger than wasps and bees. This also means their sting is more powerful and painful.

How an app can help with hornets

That being said, we do not want to alarm you. You see, another one of the problems with these hornets is that it is difficult to identify this pest. This is simply because they are similar in appearance to wasps and other hornets. What this means is that there’s a good chance you don’t actually have this pest in your garden.

What you also have to understand is that, while these pests are invading the UK, they are still rare. In fact, according to the government, there have only been 23 sightings of these pests since 2016. Not only that, there were only 2 sightings in 2022. What all of this means is that the pest in your garden is unlikely to be an Asian hornet.
Despite this, it’s still a good idea to make sure. The best way to do this is by downloading the Asian Hornet Watch app. This is a special app created by the UK centre for Ecology and Hydrology. This app was created in order to help the public record and detect these hornets. It contains information on these pests and well as a guide for identifying them. With the app you can also record your sighting, then forward your video to the department. They will help you identify what is actually in your garden, and advise you on what to do next. You can also contact a professional London wasp control expert for advice.