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Do Plug-In Devices Work To Deter Rodents Or Are They A Scam?
Can you deter rodents with anti-rodent devices? You’ve probably seen those devices in the shops, or on the internet. The ones that promise you can get rid of pests, simply by plugging in the device. They usually claim to work with “ultra-sonic” frequencies, although there are also those that work by electro-magnetic interference. If you know what we’re talking about, then you’ve probably wondered if they actually work.

Can you deter rodents with ultra-sonic devices?

The simple answer is no. Whether you have a domestic mouse infestation or wish to deter mice from your business, these devices may have a limited effect in certain circumstances. You see, the ultra-sonic ways radiate from the device into the room, and this can deter mice from using that area. However, there are many areas that are not covered, for example underneath the plug by the wall, which is likely to be where the mice travel. Overall, these ultra- sonic devices are of limited use. They may deter mice from a very specific area, such as a kitchen counter. They can also deter insects from a specific area.

However, the people who sell them know that people will do anything to try to deter rodents and are making money for a product of limited use. You will notice they are sold in multi-packs, because, as we have said, one device covers a very limited area. Many people find them totally ineffective for London mouse control and a waste of money.
What you have to understand is that rodents do not pick up on ultra-sonic frequencies in the same way as dogs do. Even worse, what will probably happen is that they disturb your dog more than anything else. You can’t use them if you have pet rodents for the same reason! It’s also been reported that these devices can affect your Wi-Fi, so that’s another reason not to buy them. Some people consider these plug-in devices are an absolute rip-off.

Can you deter rodents with electro-magnetic interference devices?

A different kind of plug-in device is also on the market. It is more expensive, but you only need one for an average sized property. These work by electro-magnetic interference. A current runs through your electricity wires, causing an irritation to any rodents in the walls. Reports of these devices show that they can be effective. They put mice off nesting in the walls. If they have babies, they may wait until they are big enough to move, so it can take a few weeks.

Their downside is that they do not cover 100% of the house, and the mice may find an area that is not affected. Mice are determined creatures and find a way around things if they can. It may be worth trying this method once you have got rid of the mice, to stop them returning.
So, overall sonic devices are very limited and may be a rip off. Electro-magnetic devices are worth a go but are not completely effective. It isn’t simply a matter of plugging in though. If you could simply plug-in some device, then what need is there for a reputable pest control company?
Hopefully, you’ve got the picture by now. On top of this, the best ways to get rid of rodents is by keeping a clean home, setting traps, poison, decluttering, and sealing up cracks and holes.
That being said, there are actually electronic ways to get rid of rodents. The best example of this are rat mats. These are basically electrified mats. When rodents run over them, they receive an electric shock, and thus avoid the area in future. These mats can be placed across doorway and used to keep mice (and rats) out.