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6 Signs You Have Mice Infesting Your Business Premises

Are there mice in your business? This is an extremely serious problem which could cause major heartache. For example, mice can easily put you out of business. This might sound like an exaggeration, but it really isn’t. Mice cause tremendous damage by destroying stock and damaging property. Eventually, this all adds up, and someone has to pay. So how do you prevent this? Well, the first step is knowing if you actually have mice in your business. In order to determine this, keep a look out for the following signs.


Strange noises

Mice are usually heard before they are seen. Some of the noises they make include squeaking, screeching, and scratching. The problem is that mice mostly come out at night. Because businesses are usually closed at night, you will not always hear these noises. If you do hear of see mice, then it is time to call in professional mouse control services immediately, before the problem escalates.


Damage to food and stock

Mice are primarily looking for food. One of the biggest signs of mice are food packages which are ripped open, or packages with holes in them. Mice will also attack non-food items stored in cardboard. They do this because they want to use the cardboard for their nests.

Damage to property

Another sign of mice in your business is damage to property. Like all rodents, mice love to chew on things. This can include almost anything, but pay attention to wood, plastic, vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, and soft metals like aluminum. If you see chew marks on these items, then it might be time to call an exterminator. Of course, we provide mouse proofing measures as well as extermination, so whatever your needs we can help.

Nesting sites

Mice nests are easy to spot. When you see one, you’ll probably know what it is immediately. What you’re looking for will look almost like a pile of rubbish, or a bird‘s nest. Basically, mice build their nests from grass, leaves, twigs, cardboard, paper, string and other soft and pliable materials. If you see a nest-like object made from these materials, then you probably have mice.


Dead mice

Mice do eventually die. Now, one dead mouse isn’t cause for concern. It could simply mean that a random mouse died in your building. However, if you see dead mice more and more frequently, you could mean that you have mice in your business. Whether you run a restaurant or need rodent control for a hotel, dead mice are definitely not top of your customers’ wish list.

Urine and faeces

These are the most obvious and definite signs. Mouse droppings are small, dark, and cylindrical. These droppings are most often found near where mice live and feed. If you frequently see droppings, then you probably have an infestation. Large numbers of mice will create a strong smell. This mostly comes from their droppings and urine. Mice urinate everywhere, and this dries and leaves behind a smell. If you detect a strong, ammonia type smell, then consider your business premises infested.