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Get rid of pigeons asap!

Get rid of pigeons asap!

Pigeons are often compared to other pests like rats. They are very adaptable to human environments. Buildings in the UK are very good for providing excellent roosts. Also our crops that we grow and all of the food waste we have, gives a great source for the pigeons to eat.


Before you try and kill or remove a pigeon by yourself, you need to know that they aren’t like any other typical pest. Pigeon control requires expert pest controllers, that know what there doing. There is no simple way to be able to remove pigeons from your property. Whether you are an expert at doing DIY or just simply wanting to know how to get red of pigeons, read below.


Pigeon Diseases

As many people may not know, pigeons carry many diseases.  Each disease that is spread by pigeons, seem to to require a compromised immune system and an excessive exposure to pigeon droppings. Bu infections cause by pigeons could be:


Histoplasmosis: This is a very rare fungal infection caused by inhaling pigeon dropping dust during routine cleanings.


Cyptococcosis: This is another fungal infection caused by contact with pigeon droppings. Its very rare to contract this from pigeons, but if you suffer from auto immune diseases you should be aware of this.


Psittacosis: A bacterial infection that may be transferred from pigeons to other birds and also to humans.


There is one main problem with pigeons, the parasites, they feed on pigeons and their young. When a nest is left, the mites (parasites) will start to scatter and infest the area around them.  They will also end up biting humans as they look for another blood host. 



Pigeon Control Methods

  • Use live pigeon traps
  • Exclude pigeons and build around them
  • Use pigeon repellents
  • Call a professional 
  • Remove food sources 
  • Remove water
  • Destroy nest 



If you have a pigeon problem make sure to Call a pest control service as soon as possible.