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Should You Worry About Mice Living In Walls And Under Floorboards?
Mouse problems can sometimes end up being ignored. An example of this is when you have mice living in walls. Another is when mice are under your floorboards. You’re unlikely to ever see these mice or be bothered by them. This is why most people choose to turn a blind eye to this type of problem. But is this really a good idea?

What you need to know about mice living in walls and under floorboards

The short answer is no. Our advice is that all pest problems should be handled as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, you need to solve it fast. This is especially true when it comes to controlling mice.

You see, the issue with mice living in walls and under floorboards are that they spread quickly and unseen. This is because the mice feel safe, and, when they feel safe, they breed. Eventually their number increase exponentially, and they spread to other areas of your home.
The other problem with mice living in walls is that they cause damage. This mostly happens through gnawing and also through nest building. The more mice there are, the greater this damage becomes. This is why it’s always a good idea to get rid of these pests as fast as possible.


Do mice under floorboards cause distress to occupants?

Yet another issue with mice in walls is that they make a noise. Even if you cannot see the mice, you’ll know they are there. This can become a big problem at night. That’s because mice are most active at night. For example, you may find yourself being kept awake by their incessant squeaking and screeching. Eventually, mice affect mental health if the infestation persists.

The final problem with mice living in walls is their smell. These pests constantly urinate and defecate. This accumulates in massive amounts over time and causes a horrible stench. This means that even if you cannot see the mice, they can still cause you pain. Something that also happens is that mice die in walls and beneath floorboards. The smell of these rotting bodies will also permeate the house and lead to distress. 
Ultimately, just because you cannot see this London mouse control problem, doesn’t mean they aren’t a problem. Mice in walls and floorboards will eventually spread to other parts of the house. They cause damage and this has to be repaired. They also make a stink, leave a mess and make a racket.
Unfortunately, you will need specialised help to solve this problem. This is because these mice are in inaccessible areas. In fact, to get rid of them you may need to, for example, lift up floorboards. This is why calling in a professional is highly advised.