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Mouse Proofing Measures To Take In Spring
In our opinion, all homeowners should implement mouse proofing. The reason why is simple: mice are a lot more common than you think. In fact, if you own a home, it’s only a matter of time before you get mice. This is especially true when it’s spring. You see, most mice go into a type of hibernation during winter. They hide away, have babies, and wait for it to get warmer. Once it’s spring, they emerge again. What this means is that you can easily suffer an infestation during this time. This is why it’s so important that you do mouse pest control and proofing during this period. If you’d like to get started with this then here are some tips. 

Tips for mouse proofing

When you start mouse proofing, first think about the places where mice love to hide. The number one place for a mouse in the house to hide is in large piles of clutter. The main reason why mice love clutter is because it gives them a convenient place to shelter. Clutter also gives them access to nesting materials such as cardboard and paper. 

In order to prevent mice, you need to clear up this clutter. Go through your home and clean up as much as you possibly can. Ultimately, everything you own should be packed away in a cupboard, or at least a container somewhere. Try to throw away or repurpose whatever you can. If you haven’t used something for a long period of time, you’re more than likely not going to use it. In this case it’s always better to throw it out. 

Are you providing nesting materials for mice?

When doing this, pay particular attention to papers. Mice absolutely love using paper as their nest building material. This is actually their first choice of material when building nests. What this means is that if you have large piles of paper, you’re almost guaranteed to attract mice. These papers should be packed away in filing cabinets or plastic containers. Another great alternative is to digitize your papers. 

Once you’ve removed the clutter, move onto undisturbed places. This includes areas you do not visit on a daily basis. For example, this could be your attic, a shed, guest rooms or even your garage. Go through these areas carefully and clean them up. Remove all clutter and rubbish. Also check the exterior of the room to see if there are places where mice may enter. When doing this, take care in older properties. These are more likely to have cracks and holes where mice can enter. 

Finally, for extra good pest control in your London home, besides mouse proofing, make sure to store your food correctly. Do not leave food in cardboard or plastic bags. Mice can easily get into these. Instead, make sure that all food is stored in plastic, glass, metal or ceramic containers, and then placed in cupboards. Keep your kitchen super clean – particularly making sure it is spotless when you go to bed at night.