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How To Prevent Flies Infesting Your Kitchen Bins And Drain

 There’s nothing worse than flies infesting your bins and drain. These are some of nature’s most disgusting pests. For example, did you know that flies vomit on food before eating it? Not only that, flies also spread bacteria every time they land. That’s why it’s a really bad idea to have them crawling on your food. This is also why it’s a good idea to get rid of any flies that are in your kitchen. But how can you do this?

What can you do about flies infesting your kitchen

Although flies are one of the worst autumn pests, it’s relatively easy to prevent these pests. You see, another fact about flies is this: they can only eat food that is partially decomposed. This is why flies are so attracted to the rotting food that is in your dustbin. Flies also lay their eggs in rotting food. They do this so that maggots have something to eat after hatching.

The easy local pest control measures to stop flies infesting your bins is by denying them access to this food. If you do this, then flies are no longer be able to feed and breed. It’s also recommended that you put your bin in a cupboard. Many new homes or new kitchens have a special built-in cupboard for bins. Also make sure to routinely wash your bin. Food waste will accumulate over time, even with a bin liner, so make sure to clean your bins. Do not let bins overflow, because this will attract flies – make sure the lid is always firmly down.
You don’t want them getting in the kitchen in the first place. To prevent flies coming in, use mosquito nets on the windows (these are easy to buy) and bead curtains or fly screens on doors that go outside (if you like to keep them open). Fly traps and fly paper are popular. You can even use fly zappers. These are popular in commercial kitchens.

What can you do about flies infesting your drains

You may also have flies infesting your drains. The flies that do this are not common house flies. Instead, they are a species known as the drain fly. These pests feed on the organic matter which is found inside drains. Every time food goes down the drain, this matter accumulates, and eventually attracts flies.

If you have a full blown infestation, contacting professional London fly control is appropriate. However, if you have a few nuisance flies in your drains, getting rid of these insects is relatively easy. The simplest way is by pouring boiling water down your drain. You should do this every so often. You can also mix water with vinegar and pour that down the drain. The flied prefer standing water, so make sure you run the water through regularly. Along with this, you should stop small pieces of food going down the drain, by using a kitchen sink strainer plug. Check outdoors to make sure there are no blockages which might slow the waste water down while it is draining away.