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Cockroach Pests London Hertfordshire

German Cockroach (Blattella Germanica)
Oriental Cockroach (Blatta Orientalis)

Cockroaches are large winged insects ranging from 12-30mm in length with long antennae. Most people in the UK who have an infestation are likely to have German or Oriental species of cockroach.

The Oriental cockroach is dark brown/black and ranges from 17-30mm whilst the more common German cockroach is lighter brown and smaller 12-15mm. German cockroaches are found throughout buildings but show a preference to warm humid areas. They are good climbers, being able to climb vertical glass or tiled surfaces. An infestation of these cockroaches can be quickly established once they have entered the premises. This species is an extremely serious pest in any different types of premises ranging from hospitals to domestic houses.

Where will you find them?

German cockroaches are more easily visible due to the areas they live in. In a kitchen you are likely to find them in cupboards, behind fridge motors, under sink units and around boiler units. Another sign of an infestation are signs of faeces in cupboards, behind appliances and worktops which resemble black dots.

Oriental cockroaches are normally found in damp humid conditions and basements. This is because it lacks the sticky pads on its feet. They are more difficult to treat as they tend to live in the fabric of the building.

How do we control cockroaches?

Our treatment programme for cockroaches consists of three visits. Our technician will initially talk through the problems you are experiencing and explain what our initial treatment entails. He will then carry out a thorough inspection of your premises prior to any treatment and assess the level and extent of the infestation. Before a treatment is carried out, it is important to identify the cockroach species. This will provide details of the biology, life cycle and habits of the pest, which can be exploited in the control programme. Once this has been established he will then be able to carry out treatment to the appropriate areas. All our treatments are completely safe for children and animals.

Problems caused by Cockroaches

Cockroach infestations can grow rapidly so early treatment is essential.  As well as numerous health issues, one of the big concerns is food contamination.  Cockroaches can introduce Salmonella and other bacteria that can cause life threatening food poisoning.

Identify a Cockroach problem

There are two types of cockroach you might come across in London Essex and Hertfordshire. German cockroaches are easier to spot due to the places they live in. In a kitchen you might find them in cupboards, behind fridges, under sinks and around boilers. You may just find the faeces they leave behind in cupboards or behind appliances and worktops which just look like small black dots.

The Oriental cockroaches are more likely to be found in damp and humid conditions like you might get in basements and cellars. They prefer these conditions as they lack  the sticky pads on their feet but they are often much more difficult to treat as they generally live within hard to reach areas of the building.

We provide Cockroach pest control services for all of London Essex Kent Surrey Hertfordshire and Cambridge.


Pest control treatment for Cockroaches Call 0203 600 0401

As with most of our pest control treatments, we usually do two visits as a follow up visit allows us to make sure any actions we take are successful. Our fully trained pest control technician starts by talking to you about the problems you are having before assessing the situation.  Please be aware that the pest controller will often need to inspect other areas and not just the visible source.

With cockroaches an extra third visit is often required. The pest controller will identify the cockroach species before he carries out any sort of treatment. Once the cockroach species has been identified, the correct course of treatments can be applied and the right areas will be targeted.

As with all our treatments, the pest control technician will leave a report with you with details of any treatments and recommendations.  If a follow up visit is likely to be needed, our technician will arrange a suitable date and time with you. Generally this will be about a week or two later and sometimes a Third treatment is required.

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