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What Is The Most Effective Method For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs?
Can you really get rid of bed bugs for good? To many people, this problem seems impossible to solve. Bed bugs are tiny and can hide in the smallest of spaces. They also breed quickly and can survive on almost no food. This makes them extremely difficult twhen it comes to getting rid of. That being said, there are ways of combatting these pests, as you shall see.

How do you actually go about getting rid of bed bugs?

The most commonly used method for getting rid of bed bugs is fumigation. With this method, pest controllers come into your home and prepare the affected area. Pesticide is then pumped into this area and the bed bugs hopefully die. While this method is used extensively, and does work to an extent, this method of bed bug control does have enormous drawbacks.

First of all, large amounts of pesticide is used. This leaves behind a reside which coats everything in the room. This is neither healthy or desirable. It also means that you have to take time preparing the area. Anything which is fragile, or could be damaged, must be removed. You also have to clean up afterwards. This means wiping everything down and washing away as much pesticide as possible. This is a major pain and also time consuming.

Fumigation does not always get rid of bed bugs

The reason is because this method only kills adult bed bugs. Their eggs and nymphs often survive. These soon hatch and grow into adulthood, meaning the problem begins all over again. Finally, fumigation is a long and difficult process. Not only that, you may also have to leave your home for a period of time.

For all of these reasons, fumigation is rapidly falling out of fashion. But what is replacing this method? The answer is heat treatments. Plus, heat treatment isn’t just for bed bugs, as itt also gets rid of other insects, This is a new way of extermination that is vastly better than fumigation. For starters, no poisons or pesticides are used. This method works by heating up the affected areas. When the heat reaches a high enough level, the bed bugs die. In addition to this, a lot less preparation and cleanup is needed. The process is also a lot faster than fumigation. So, whether you have bed bugs or fleas, or if it is moths or cockroaches.
Another huge advantage, and the reason why this method is so popular, is because it kills everything. With heat treatments, the adult bed bugs are destroyed, as well as their eggs and nymphs. This means the bed bugs cannot easily return, and the problem is more likely to be solved for good.