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What Is Biting You At Night: Bed Bugs Or Fleas?
Nothing is worse than having bed bugs or fleas in your home. The reason why is simply: because these pests bite like crazy. If they’re in your home, you’ll be covered with bites in no time at all. But how do you know which bug is biting you? 

Do bed bugs and flea bites look the same?

The problem with bed bug bites and fleas bites is that they look almost the same. This makes it tricky to identify between the two. Lucky for us, there are several key differences. The biggest of these is location. Bed bugs usually focus on your upper torso. This includes places like your arms, back, shoulders, and chest. Bed bugs might also occasionally bite your face and neck. This mostly happens because bed bugs live at the head of your bed. When feeding they move downwards and attack your torso first.  

On the other hand, fleas focus on the lower part of your body. As you may know, fleas are notorious for biting your ankles. This is because they usually live on the carpet. These fleas leap upwards and reach your ankles first. If you wear socks indoors, then these bites may be above the sock line. 

The size and colour of the bites is also an indication of whether it’s bed bugs or if you need flea control services. For example, flea bites are much closer together than bed bugs bites. They are also a darker shade of red and do not appear in any type of pattern. Bed bug bites are larger and are not as red as flea bites. These bites are usually grouped close together. They may appear in a straight line, or an S shaped pattern. 

What can you do about bed bugs and fleas?

The final way to identify your pest and know whether it’s bed bugs or fleas is the time of day when you were bitten. This might actually be the most important sign. You see, bed bugs feed at night. If you’re waking up in the morning with large red welts across your upper body, then it’s probably bed bugs. More and more of these bites will appear as time goes on. If you find yourself getting bitten during the day, and you’re getting bit on the ankles, it’s probably fleas. Sometimes, however, you don’t know when you were bitten – you just start itching.

Whether it’s bed bugs or fleas, this problem is highly irritating. You need to do something about the issue as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worse it will get. The best thing to do is contact a reliable London pest control company and ask about heat treatments. This is the safest and best way to remove these pests – fleas or bed bugs. It works quickly and is 100% guaranteed to remove all pests. Not only that, it doesn’t use pesticides, which makes it a safer alternative to fumigation.