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Health Risks Given By Rats - Flooding

Health Risks Given By Rats - Flooding


In the UK it is one of the most known places to have a very wet winter, and recently as the weather is getting more and more extreme, flooding is starting to become a very large problem for a lot of areas over the country.


Are rats a problem when there is flooding?


100%, when there is a large amount of flooding, rats seem to move into building to try and avoid the floods. With extreme flooding it is very likely that there burrows will be destroyed, this means it will force them to look for new homes. A positive for rats is that they are very great swimmers, this means they can swim in great distances to be able to find a new home. If there is any damaged pipework or cracks, they can use these to enter.


In a house, if their are any damages goods this can become a perfect nesting place for rats, along with lofts and sheds. So even if you don't have rodents inside your property, always keep an eye out to make sure there is none in your surrounding property


Is a rat infestation problem?


Of course! Rodents are one of the biggest pests that can carry diseases which can be passed onto humans without even being in direct contact with them. Their urine and dropping contain pathogens which are able to transmit diseases. They carry:

  • Weil’s Disease
  • Rat Bite Fever
  • Salmonellosis


During flood conditions rats are likely to spread disease.


Apart from the health problems, the gnawing of rats can cause a very large amount of damage to properties. They can very quickly damage insulation, pipes, doors and floorboards. 


What to do if you have a rat problem 


  • Keep bins as far away from entry points into the building as possible.
  • Store food into jars and containers wth lids so rodents cannot access food.
  • Clean away any debris that can provide shelter for rodents.   
  • Seal all small holes and gaps.
  • Keep property clean at all times.
  • Raise bins of the floor making it harder for rats to access them.  
  • CONTACT Conquest Pest Control ASAP!!!



Contact CPC – whether you have a rat infestation in your home or a business premises, we have a number of effective solutions to get rid of rats.