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10 Ways Your Garden Can Be Ruined By Foxes And Squirrels
While foxes and squirrels may seem harmless, this really isn’t the case. These animals are quite capable of becoming pests. Not only that, they can cause extreme amounts of damage. Listed below are just a few of the ways that these pests can ruin your garden.

1. Eating bulbs

Both foxes and squirrels are destructive and are famous of digging up and stealing bulbs. If you plant any bulbs, these pests will immediately dig up and eat them.

2. Tearing up your lawn

Squirrels often store food in the ground. One of the places they’re most likely to do this is your lawn. This obviously means that your lawn gets torn up. Foxes also tear up lawns when looking for worms and insects to eat.


3. Eating out of bird feeders

This is probably the main reason why squirrels are sometimes considered pests. These animals go wild for bird feeders. If you have squirrels in your garden they will empty out your bird feeder in two seconds flat. Foxes may also steal from bird feeders if they have the opportunity.

4. Droppings

Foxes and squirrels both produce enormous amounts of faeces. These will end up all over your lawn and flower beds.

5. Digging through bins

Urban foxes are mostly attracted to human areas because of rubbish. If you have bins in your back garden, these will be torn apart in the search for food. Foxes may even chew on bins and cause further damage.


6. Gnawing

Like rats, London squirrels need to be controlled love to gnaw. They target anything that is made of wood and cause damage with their gnawing. This includes furniture, ornaments, bird feeders and dog kennels. They may also gnaw of parts of your house like decks and roof beams.

7. Digging up vegetable gardens

Foxes and squirrels are both looking for food. If you have a vegetable patch, they could raid it and take everything you have.

8. Stealing fruit and berries

This is exactly the same as your vegetable patch. These pests will strip fruit and berry trees, leaving nothing for you. Sometimes they even eat flowers.


9. Burrowing

Foxes burrow in order to have a den where they can raise young. Digging a burrow under sheds is common and you may need London fox control services. They may dig gown to get under fences or hedges.

10. Bark stripping

Grey squirrels (an invasive species) cause more damage than the native red squirrels (who cannot compete with them). Grey squirrels are notorious for stripping bark from trees. This wounds and damages trees and may even kill the tree.