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What Species Are The Worst Pest Problem In Autumn?

Contrary to popular belief, pests do not go away during autumn and winter. In fact, this is actually the period when we’re the busiest. There are several reasons for this. The biggest being that cold weather and lack of food often causes pests to come indoors. This is why you may experience a heightened pest problem in autumn.

What to do about a pest problem in autumn

You may be wondering which pests cause the most hassle. The answer, really, is most of them. Rats, bed, bugs and cockroaches are highly active during this period. That being said, out of all of these pests, mice are by far the worst pest problem in autumn.

There are a few reasons for this. Believe it or not, mice are actually fragile creatures. Their small size makes it difficult for them to survive extreme temperatures. As it starts to get colder, mice in the wild will dig burrows or seek shelter elsewhere.
This also makes your home extremely appealing to them and makes London mouse control that much more difficult. Mice see houses as a place where they can find warmth and shelter, and also get out of the cold and wet. These pests instinctively gravitate towards homes as temperatures start to drop, and this is why they can become a nuisance.
The other reason why mice are a pest problem in autumn is simply because of food. Obviously, as we head towards winter, it becomes harder for these pests to find food outdoors. This is yet another reason why they come into houses.

What damage can autumn mice cause?

If mice do enter into your home, you could soon be dealing with a serious infestation. Because they have access to warmth and food, the mice will quickly begin to breed. Within no time at all, their numbers will increase exponentially. In turn, this will cause enormous damage to your home. Mice also cause  too.

For starters, mice gnaw on absolutely everything. They also cause damage through constant defecation and urination. In addition to this, they will raid your kitchen. This causes food contamination, meaning food must be thrown away, which costs money. Another issue with mice is their nest building. These pests will attack things like clothing, newspapers and magazines. They do this when looking for nest building materials.
The key to avoiding all of this is simply keeping mice out of your house. First of all, be aware of this problem. Know that mice are a pest problem in autumn and take preventative measures. This includes things like mouse proofing your property i.e. closing up holes, cracks, and entrance points. Along with this, keep your home clean and free of clutter. Mice love clutter because it gives them somewhere to hide away. Lastly, make sure your kitchen it kept clean, and that all food is stored away. As long as you follow these precautions, you should not have a problem with mice.