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Ways That Pigeons Cause Damage To Businesses
Pigeons can almost be considered a plague in London. Wherever you go, there seem to be thousands of these birds milling about. Not only is this extremely irritating, but these birds also cause untold amounts of damage to businesses. Here are just a few of the ways that pigeons cause damage.

Why pigeons cause damage to businesses

 If you’re trying to run a business, then you’ll probably know that pigeons are a major nuisance. This is especially true if you run a business that sells food. The first way that pigeons cause damage is by defecating all over the place. In fact, did you know that your average pigeon goes to the toilet about 5 times per hour. This is an incredible figure, and just one of many reasons to get rid of pigeons asap.

What’s more, this faeces is actually incredibly damaging. The reason why is because pigeon dropping contains large amounts of acid, which is extremely corrosive. When deposited on buildings, this will gradually eat through brickwork, stone and even metal. It also damages paint work on vehicles. What this also means is that you’ll have to continually clean these droppings off your building. This is extremely time consuming and labour intensive.
An even bigger problem is that these droppings an extremely unattractive, making commercial pest control for these birds absolutely vital. The last thing you want is pigeon deposits all over your business. This is especially true if you have an outside eating area. This is extremely repulsive to customers who may be put off from eating there. One issue is that some people absolutely hate pigeons and will do anything to avoid them. Worse than this, if people do decide to eat, pigeons will actively harass them. For example, these birds are extremely noisy. Pigeons may also gather around and beg for food.

More pigeon problems to look out for

 Another way that pigeons cause damage is by nesting. These birds tend to nest in the most awkward of places. Because birds can fly they usually live on places like roofs. Pigeons destroy these roofs by defecating, building nests and also shedding their feathers.

This debris from nests and feathers can seriously damage buildings. To start with, these feathers and nests will eventually block gutters and water pipes. This means that flooding can easily occur and this can lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage. What’s more, removing these feathers is an enormous maintenance job which must be continually carried out.
The bottom line is that pigeons cause damage. If you’re dealing with a pigeon issue, then it’s recommended that you do something about it. Call in pigeon control specialists in London as soon as possible. Do not let this problem fester, as the damage will only accumulate and could ruin your business.