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Advice to Help Prevent Spring Pests Invading Your Home Or Business
With the weather getting warmer, spring pests will soon be a problem. In fact, within only a few weeks, some homes and businesses may be completely overrun with pests. But what can you do about this? To help you out, here are some pointers for preventing this nuisance.

Keeping spring pests out of your home and business


1. Secure food

Spring pests are primarily attracted to food. This is the reason why they enter properties. To prevent this, all food must be secured in sealed containers. Do not leave anything in boxes or plastic bags. Food should also be locked away in cupboards that seal tightly. Also, try to avoid leaving things like fruit and bread on your countertops. Something else you should avoid in your spring mouse proofing and insect prevention regime, is leaving dirty dishes in your sink overnight. This will always attract unwanted pests.


2. Clean the property from top to bottom

Before winter many pests lay eggs. These are scattered around all over the place and are almost invisible to the naked eyes. To remove these eggs you need to clean every inch of the property from top to bottom. Another piece of advice our London pest control experts can give you is to clean neglected places such as the tops of shelves. This is something that people often skip and it can make the world of difference.

3. Seal up cracks and holes

Spring pests love laying eggs in cracks and holes. This provides them with a safe and sheltered area to place these eggs. Any cracks and holes in your walls should be sealed up. Do this with inside and outside walls. Also look for possible entrance points on the outside of your property. For example, door and window frames may be lose or cracked around the entrance. These provide a way in for pests, so make sure to repair them. 


4. Declutter

Clutter is a major draw for pests. It gives insects and rodents like mice a place to hide and live undisturbed. The issue is that you may not notice this at first. That means the pests are given a chance to breed, and before long you’ll have an infestation. Prevent this by clearing clutter and packing away as many things away as you can. It’s also a good idea to throw out anything that you’re not using.

5. Remove sources of water

Spring pests need water to survive. Even the smallest amount of moisture can sustain them. This is why it’s critically important to fix leaks, no matter how small they are. Damp will also attract pests, so take care of that. Finally, get rid of standing water in your garden, because this will attract mosquitoes.