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What Did I Just See? Brown Rat or House Mouse

What Did I Just See? Brown Rat or House Mouse


Did you just see something scampering across the floor? Do you know if it was a brown rat or a house mouse? 


The first sight of seeing a small rodent scurrying across the skirting boars can be quite disturbing and most definitely a shock. House mice and brown rats are different species but they are related to each other. If you have seen one of these it can be quite difficult to know which one is actually in your house, especially as young rats and mice can be a very similar size. 


Trying to decide what rodent has taken up residence in your property is hard. So below we have put together a table for you that have all the differences that you need to know, to be able to distinguish which rodent is in your home or property.


Below are the differences:



Brown Rats

House Mouse

Ears are smaller

Ears are large and floppy

20-40cm in length

5-10cm in length

Snout is short and stubby

Triangular snouts

Average length whiskers

Long whiskers

Stocky head

Small heads

Bigger feet

Small feet

Tail is long, hairy and scaly

Thin and hairy tails

Eat 30 grams of food per day

Eats only 3 grams of food a day

Rats need to constantly drink, with this being 60mm a day

Can survive with little water but drink up to 3mm a day 

They are either grey, brown or black

Only brown and grey

Weighs around 250-350 grams

Weighs 12-20 grams

Produces around 20-40 droppings a night

Produces around 50-80 droppings a night

Droppings are concentrated in specific areas

Droppings are scattered all over the place

Very cautious and avoid anything new in their path

Not as cautious and will investigate new things


If you’ve seen signs of mice or rats or the result of their activity, action is needed to get rid of rats and mice to ensure your problem is quickly and effectively treated.


Call Conquest Pest Control immediately.