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What Should You Do If You Find A Wasps’ Nest?
Many pests, such as rodents, can be dangerous to humans. That being said, when it comes to pests, wasps are by far the most dangerous. The simple reason is because these pests can sting you and they can work as a group to protect their nest. Not only that, unlike bees, they can sting you more than once. What’s more, many people are actually allergic to wasps’ stings, and only find this out once they are stung. So, with all this in mind, what should you actually do if you find a wasps’ nest?

What NOT to do with a wasps’ nest

The best recommendation we can give you is to leave the nest alone. Yes, if wasps are interfering with your life, then this can be difficult. You may be tempted to interfere with the nest, but this should never be done. There are plenty of dangers of wasps on your property, be that in your garden or in your attic or shed.

The simple reason is because wasps are highly aggressive. The purpose of drones is basically to find food and defend the nest. If you approach the nest, they see it as an invasion of their territory. This means that even if you walk past the nest, they might actually attack you. Basically, if you find a wasps’ nest, then stay at least ten feet from the nest at all times.
What we also want to mention is that you shouldn’t try to get rid of the nest in any way. Do not spray it with water or set it alight. Do not knock it down, or hit it with bug spray. Doing this will not actually kill the wasps. They will exit the nest and begin chasing you. Also, do not think that you can outrun the wasps. They can chase for long distances and will keep up the pursuit.

Follow these steps if you find a wasps’ nest

So, if you find a wasps’ nest, then what should you actually do? It depends where it is and whether it is causing a problem. If it poses no direct threat, then your best bet is to wait until winter. At this point the wasps will die off and you can safely take down the nest. That being said, this may not be a long term solution.

You see, not all of the wasps die of in the winter months. The queen survives and hides away until Spring. When the cold is over, she reemerges and looks for a new place to build her nest. This can often be the exact same place where the last nest was. If this happens, then you’re back to square one.
This is why, if you find a wasps’ nest, it’s best to just get it over with and hire a London waso pest control expert. We have PPE and can safely remove the nest without being stung. We can also safely dispose of the nest. Most importantly, we can treat the area where the nest was. This will prevent these pests from returning, and ensure you are less likely to have to deal with this headache again.