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Get Rid Of Cluster Flies!!

Get Rid Of Cluster Flies!!

What are Cluster Flies?

As everyone knows, flies are a huge nuisance almost every time of the year, but cluster flies cause a lot more problems as autumn becomes winter. They seem to always be looking for shelter from the colder weather. Once they have found a warm home they will start to ‘settle down’ for the winter period.



What do Cluster Flies look like?

Cluster flies are a lot larger than house flies. They are coloured as slightly yellow or golden because they have tiny little hairs. They breed in soil and host on earthworms during the larva stage of their development. Similar to many other insects, they move inside for the cold winter months.


How do Cluster Flies get in your home?

  • Gaps in roofs
  • Through attics
  • Inside eaves
  • Small gaps in walls
  • Through windows


Although they leave after the winter period, they have been known to return to prevues places, which will lead to an annual infestation.



Cluster Flies risks

Firstly, cluster flies don’t have a direct health risk towards humans, but they definitely can be a nuisance. They travel around in large groups of up to thousands of flies. Whilst they hibernate over the winter time, their excrement can give of a very bad smell and they can also stain fabrics and walls.


Cluster flies are a very large problem for your home and other properties that are infested. This is especially for the food industry! They can contaminate food and also spread diseases. If there is any food around your house you have to ensure that all of it is stored away from the pests. If you do not follow this step, you could face repetitional damage if customers see flies flying around your premises.


In addition to all of this, you can be fined and even be shut down on health grounds.



What to do if you have cluster flies


A pest control technician has access to more effective insecticides and equipment. Normally they will carry out an inspection of the property and suggest the best method of control.