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What Are The 3 Main Types Of Pest Control Used In The Industry?

A lot of people want to know what pest control actually involves. As in, what do we actually do to remove pests? Well, as it turns out there are 3 types of pest control. These are physical, chemical, and biological pest control. In this post, we’ll briefly explain each type, as well as what it involves. This will be of interest whether you are enquirimg aboit commercial pest control in London or simply have a domestic pest problem.


The 3 types of pest control and how they work


1. Physical pest control

These types of pest control mostly refer to traps and pest proofing. To start with, the easiest way to prevent pests is by stopping them from getting inside. To achieve this, we seal off the perimeter of the building. All holes, entrance points, cracks and crevices are closed.

Next, with certain pests such as rodents like rats or mice, traps are used. Today’s traps are highly efficient and advanced. These usually consist of a sealed box which contains poison. The rodent enters, eats the poison, and dies. These traps also contain a type of maze, which makes it difficult for the rodent to escape. Along with these types of traps, you also have humane traps. These are traps where the pests are captured and released instead of being destroyed.
Occasionally, physical pest control may also refer to physically removing pests. A good example of this are cockroaches. If there are large numbers of cockroaches, then we may physically sweep them away before applying poison.

2. Chemical pest control

This includes any chemical means of destroying pests. This usually involves pesticides and fumigation. It can also include spraying poisons along the edges of buildings, and other areas where pests are present. In modern times, these types of pest control have fallen out of fashion.

Today’s pest controllers prefer heat treatments for cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, moths and many other insects. This is basically a method of extermination which does not use poisons. Instead, pests are killed by heating up the affected areas. Most pests cannot withstand high temperatures, and as the heat rises they die.

3. Biological pest control

This is a relatively new form of pest control. It basically uses natural predators to remove certain pests. These types of pest control are not generally used in homes and businesses. Where they are used is on farms. For example, lady bugs, beetles, and spiders can be dropped in fields, and used to destroy pests. Biological pest control can also include bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. These are also left in fields and used to remove pests.