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Fleas Attracted To Warm Winter Homes

Fleas Attracted To Warm Winter Homes


Fleas are quite common when it comes to the winter months and are more common if you have pets like cats or dogs. Whereas you may even find out that you have a problem even if you do not have any pets. The previous owners of your property may of had pets and the fleas could be hidden in carpets, cracks, walls or flooring.


Fleas are able to survive in the colder weather by staying in the pupa phase of their life style. They emerge from their pupae when they sense that their is a potential host. In the winter, you are most likely to turn on the heating in your home to keep your property warm, this can stimulate fleas to emerge. 


These little pests are known for laying eggs on pets bodies but they do not remain their for long. The eggs, that are small and oval, fall off of the animals and become hidden in bedding, carpets, or gaps in your furniture. Eggs are larvae can also be carried around your house on the soles of your shoes. They can also be read to curtains and even vehicles. 


How can you get rid of fleas?


Empty your hoover outside of your property

When emptying your hoover, make sure you do it quite far outside of your property as the fleas will be able to get back into your home. Also be very careful when doing it as the fleas will still be alive


Wash your pets bedding

Make sure to wash your pets bedding very regularly, at least once a week.


Clean everything

Wash all of your clothing in the house, your bed sheets, linen, soft furnishings, and even your curtains if it is possible.


Consult a vet

If your pet is constantly scratching or biting itself, definitely call up your vets and they will recommend the best treatment for your pet.


Groom your pets regularly

With a flea comb, check for small white, cat flea eggs and fine black droppings (flea dirt) that looks like ground black pepper.


Fleas love the warm, humid conditions of insulated, heated homes in winter. They seem to like the shady edges of a fleecy carpet, rug or pet bedding. The larvae feed on organic matter which collects in the carpets or rugs


A single female cat flea is capable of producing up to 2,000 eggs in a life time. 


So if fleas keep coming back, and you want to make sure they are eliminated from your property you will need professional flea control.