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Keep Your Home Pest-Free In The Winter

Keep Your Home Pest-Free In The Winter


As we all know the colder months have already started to arrive. In the case of the weather being very cold, you will need to maintain your home for various different reasons. The main reason is to keep out the colder, wetter weather. The second most valuable reason is to prevent having any winter pests come into your house.


Winter pests

In the colder weather it is likely you will have a pest problem as the pests are looking for somewhere to shelter.


  • Mice, Rats, Bedbugs, Fruit Fly, Moth Fly, Spiders


How to prevent winter pests in your home:


In your bedroom:

  • Wash all clothes and bedding on a very high heat
  • Hoover the entire room
  • Keep bedroom very clean and tidy
  • Inspect furniture and carpet for signs of pests


In your bathroom:

  • Check inside your pipes for any unusual droppings or leaks
  • Repair any gutter damage
  • Keep an eye on drains, make sure they are free falling 
  • Repair plumbing problems


In your attick:

  • Replace all roof tiles that are damaged
  • Fill cracks with roofing cement 
  • Always check roof for any pest activity 
  • Never leave litter in attack, keep clean
  • Store items in plastic boxes
  • Cut overhanging branches from hanging over your roof

This can give easier access to pests to come in 

  • Check air vents to make sure no holes are big enough for pests to enter


In your kitchen:

  • Store all food in air tight containers with lids
  • Clean any food debris left out
  • Clean and check under sinks, fridge and cooker
  • Regularly empty contents of bin
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in sink 


In your garage:

  • Store items in plastic containers and keep off the floor
  • Install bristle steps to bottom of door thats connect garage to home
  • Seal every gap and crevice 
  • Cover air vents

In your garden:

  • Keep branches away from house
  • Do not leave rubbish bags out in the open
  • Make sure bins have secure lids
  • Keep food compost in sealed area


In your living room:

  • Install bristle strips under doors
  • Dust and clean regularly
  • Clean up crumbs and spillages 
  • Dispose of unwanted magazines
  • Keep very clean


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