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What Hotels Should Do About Rat And Mouse Control
Rat and mouse control is a big problem for many hotels. In fact, most hotels have a fairly large problem with rodents. The reason for this is obvious. It’s usually because hotels have large kitchens. It’s also because they generate enormous amounts of waste. But what should hotels know about this problem, and how can they avoid rodent issues from getting out of control?

Rat And Mouse Control For Hotels – What’s The Deal?

Hotels and accommodation businesses are definitely types of businesses that need pest control on an ongoing basis. The thing with hotels is that your income and reputation are directly linked to the happiness of your guests. If guests are unhappy, then your business will definitely suffer. Rats and mice are a big part of this. Guests who detect the presence of rodents are not going to enjoy their stay. This is why rat and mouse control should be at the top of your to-do list.

If you have a problem, your first task is to identity where rodents hang out. In most cases, this will be your kitchen, although they may also be found in bedrooms. The best way to handle this problem is to make hygiene your number one priority. Kitchens and bedrooms must be kept as clean as possible. Housekeeping staff should also be trained to spot the signs of rodents. If they spot anything, such as droppings, then management must be immediately notified.
Along with this, bins must be emptied as often as possible. Most hotels have a central area where waste is kept. This must be kept secure. If rubbish is left strewn around, bins don’t close or the area becomes filthy, then you’ll quickly end up with rodents. Ideally a reputable business will benefit from a pest control contract, so call
us to find out more if you do not already have one in place.

Professional pest control for hotels

While this is all very well, there is only so much you can do when it comes to rat and mouse control. This is why the best solution to this issue is taking out a pest control contract. When you do this, a pest control company will regularly visit your hotel and perform pest maintenance.

The most important part of this is putting down traps for rodents. The pest company can set these traps, and also empty them. They can also leave poison in areas where rodents are a problem, or where they may become a problem. In addition to this, they will continually monitor the situation, and nip any problems in the bud. With this level of professional service, you hotel is almost guaranteed to stay rodent free.
The bottom line is that rat and mouse control is best left to the professional. Instead of trying to handle this problem yourself, it’s a lot better to contract it out to a third party. Most good pest control comanies in London will offer contract work for yoir peace of mind, knowing everything is taken care of. This way you can focus on the day to day running of the hotel.