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Want to prevent wasps? Look right here!

Want to prevent wasps? Look right here!


Prevention is one of the biggest things you want to look at if you think you are prone to getting wasps. You would always want to avoid them as they are a pest that you do not want to be approached by. It is soon to be summer and we all know that this is when these pests are the most active.


Wasps are easier to prevent before you have them rather than when you actually end up with them. Some people can be so scared to go near a wasp because of there sting therefore it can stop people going outdoors!


Here are some of our wasp prevention tips

If you keep your treatment for wasps early, it will keep your family safe from painful stings in the future.


Change your behaviour outdoors: 

  • by this we mean to keep all food and drinks indoors rather than outdoors so it does not attract them


Keep all bins secure:

  • Make sure your outside bins have a tight fitted lid and also keep you bin further away from the door as possible.


Check out for nests:

  • Check your home and garden for any nests. They are usually the size of a golf ball. Look in garages, lofts, cavity walls and sheds.


Stay safe:

  • If you have managed to see a nest, make sure you keep children away from the area to prevent any stings.



Do you have a wasp problem?

High numbers of wasps in your home or garden will certainly mean that there is a nest somewhere close to you. Removing the nest may not always be a solution. This is because the nest may not even be in your property so you are limited to what you can do to remove it.


Also nests that are high up or confined spaces are difficult to treat.


Get a professional solution


If you have a wasp nest and you need getting rid of it quickly. It is a great solution by ringing Conquest Pest Control and they will treat the nest for you.


They offer a 24/7 service so call any time you need. Click here to contact them.