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Squirrels Are Destructive In UK Homes And Gardens
Most people pay very little attention to squirrels. These animals come and go as they please and most people don’t notice them. That being said, what you have to understand, is that squirrels can become a massive nuisance. The reason why is simple: squirrels are destructive. In fact, along with birds and rodents, squirrels are probably one of the most destructive pests around. There are several reasons for this.

Why squirrels are destructive in homes

When you see a squirrel, you may not immediately think of rats and mice. Unfortunately, they are actually the same type of animal. You see, just like rats and mice, squirrels are also rodents. The is the main reason why squirrels are destructive. For example, just like other rodents, a squirrel’s teeth never stop growing. This forces them to continuously bite and gnaw on things.

This is why you definitely don’t want squirrels in your attic or loft. If squirrels get in, they will chew on things like roofing timbers, electrical wires and brick work. Squirrels also damage chimneys and vents, and they love to chew on piping. This can cause huge amounts of structural damage. It may even result in things like electrical wires. In addition to this, they can chew holes in the roof and eaves, which decreases insulation.
Another problem with squirrels in your home is that they leave droppings and also urinate everywhere. This is an enormous hassle to clean up and can actually cause further damage. Another way that squirrels are destructive is through nest building. These nests can be quite large and squirrels cause further damage when harvesting materials for their nests.

Squirrels are also damaging to your garden

When it comes to your garden, there are dozens of ways in which squirrels are one of the worst autumn pests for being destructive. These pests often build up a store of food. They hide away nuts and other food for the lean times. When building these larders, they may dig up your flower beds and also your lawn. In fact, squirrels love digging up things like bulbs and also attack fruit and berry trees.

Another area where squirrels cause huge amounts of destruction is bird feeders. These pests absolutely love bird feeders and will quickly drive away the birds themselves. They also love to gnaw on wooden bird feeders.
If you’re dealing with destructive squirrels, then there are a few ways to get rid of them. The best technique by far are motion-sensor sprinklers. Squirrels are highly sensitive to movement. When they see something moving, they immediately run for the nearest tree. After the sprinkler goes off a few times, chances are the squirrels will never return. Something else you should do is squirrel proof your bird feeder. Wherever you are in the London area, the easiest way to do this is simply by placing a squirrel baffle. You may also want to experiment with placing different types of feed. For example, squirrels are known to dislike safflower seeds.