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Renting Out Property? Why Landlords Need Pest Control
Do landlords need pest control? If you’re the owner of rental properties, then this may be something you’ve wondered. In this article we’ll cover the importance of pest control for landlords, and why it is so important.

Is pest control something landlords need to worry about?

The answer to this question is yes. You see, pest are a constant problem in rental properties. Wherever there are people living, pests will eventually arrive. There are several reasons for this. The biggest being food. Pests are primarily attracted to food. And depending on how tidy your tenants are, there’s a good chance that pests will eventually arrive. Whether it’s only ants,  or you need mouse control services in London, the chances of a pest problem developing into an infestation are high.

This is the #1 reason why landlords need pest control. At this point you might be thinking, “well isn’t this the tenant‘s problem?” That’s a good point. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that. The laws surrounding this issue are complex. To give you a quick summary, the law states that properties must be, “fit for habitation.” What this basically means is that properties must be liveable. This includes being free of pests such cockroaches and mice and getting chemical or heat treatment for bed bugs.

Are landlords responsible for pest problems?

So, yes, unfortunately, landlords need pest control. You cannot ignore this issue. Especially if your tenants complain. Also realise that they are well within their rights to complain to the council. If this happens you could get in trouble, or even be labelled a rogue landlord.

Even if this doesn’t happen, tenants may leave, or find somewhere better to live. Another thing to consider is that it can take time to get rid of an infestation. During this time you’ll lose rental income. One option is with a South London pest control contract. With a contract you get access to regular pest maintenance. We’ll routinely inspect your building and take preventative measures. We’ll also destroy any pests that are currently in the building. That being said, this type of deal only suits people who own large buildings, such as blocks of flats. You can also get a pest inspection between tenants. We will alert you to any signs of pests.
One final thing to note is that there are grey areas when it comes to this. Tenants are expected to maintain the property and keep it in good order. This means keeping the place clean and tidy, so that pests are not attracted into the building. If you can determine that tenants are failing to do this, then you may not be liable for pest control. Bottom line: don’t ignore pests in your properties. If tenants complain, then you should hire a reputable pest control company and get them to do something about the issue.