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Why Do Pest Control Companies Offer Bird Control Services?
When you think of pests what most commonly comes to mind? Rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and things like that. People don’t often include birds on this list. But believe it or not, birds are actually considered pests in certain situations. Here’s why these animals are such a nuisance, and why we offer bird control services.

The two main reasons why we provide bird control

The first problem with birds and their role in London pest control issues in general is that they defecate all over the place. The issue here is that many birds (such as pigeons) have corrosive acid in their faeces. These birds deposit enormous amounts of faeces onto roofs. Just imagine how much waste is left behind by 50-100 birds!

These animals defecate multiple times per day. Over time this adds up to tons and tons of waste. These droppings eventually eat through things like brickwork, stone, paint and even metal. Yes, this damage takes years, but eventually the damage is done.
Another reason why we offer bird control is because of nest building. These nests are made of things like sticks, twigs and leaves. Once the nest is used, it remains on the roof. Eventually it falls apart and can end up in a gutter. This can be disastrous.
A good example of needing professional pigeon control is when nests block gutters. This causes flooding on the roof if it rains. This flooding can cause enormous and costly damage to roof. Pigeon nests also block vital infrastructure. This includes things like air vents, chimney, and so on. These blockages may cause other issues, such as fires due to blocked pipes. Pigeon feathers can also cause blockages to this infrastructure.

Who uses pest technicians for bird control?

We recommend bird control particularly because of the pigeon damage to businesses, including hotels and warehouses. The last thing you want is birds defecating around your business, or harassing customers. Along with this, pigeon dropping can increase the risk of slipping.

This brings us to another point, which is that these pests pose a hygiene danger. Their droppings are riddled with bacteria and dangerous funguses. The birds themselves are covered in parasites and carry things like viruses and diseases. One final point is that birds can be extremely noisy, and this can eventually become a problem.
All in all, certain species of birds are considered pests and you need to get rid of pigeons asap. They damage property, spread disease, and are a nuisance. This is why we advise bird control, and why you should never let birds take hold on your roof.