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Why Are UK Wasps Still Active In September And October?
Aren’t UK wasps supposed to get less active during September or at least by October? Well, sometimes. So why are we still seeing so many of these pests this year? There are several reasons for this (as you’re about to discover).

What are UK wasps up to in autumn?

Wasps go away when it’s cold. Everyone knows this. The thing is that they only die once it gets really cold i.e. once it’s winter. What this means is that autumn isn’t really cold enough for them to die off. We have been having a warm autumn so far, but even without this, wasps are going to be around for a while in the autumn.

What people also don’t know is that it isn’t really the cold that kills wasps. They die because it’s part of their lifecycle. What happens is that UK wasps are born when spring arrives. They spend all spring and summer building their nest and hunting food.
When winter arrives, they die off. It’s only the queen that survives. She finds a safe place to hide and emerges when it’s warmer. She then lays more eggs and the cycle begins again. Therefore, in winter it’s unlikely you will see any wasps.
This is part of the reason why you are seeing so many wasps during September and into October. You see, UK wasp drones have 4 main purposes. These are 1) building the nest 2) defending the nest 3) defending the queen and 4) finding food.

Can UK wasps find food in autumn?

Of these four, it’s food that is the problem. As we get closer to winter, food becomes more and more scarce for most London and UK pests. During this period, finding something to eat is extremely difficult. This means that wasps must travel further and leave the nest more often. It’s also why we often see them in our homes.

These wasps can detect food in our homes and gardens, and that’s why you’re noticing them more often. This is also why you must avoid them as much as possible. At this time, wasps are more aggressive than ever. Wasps become a danger because they are under tremendous pressure to find food and will not hesitate to sting you.
If you’re seeing more wasps than usual, be cautious. Call in a reputable London wasp control company if necessary. There are some steps you can take to keep them from bugging you. Start with your dustbin. Make sure that it closes and that wasps cannot get in. Also, pack away pet bowls once they are empty.
Any fruit and berries from trees should be picked. This will attract wasps and other pests. Wasps may also be attracted to your bird feeder. This is especially true if there is sugary food inside. After all this, the only thing left to do is wait. Once it’s winter, UK wasps die, and you’ll no longer have to worry about this problem.