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Tips For Prevention Of Rats

Tips For Prevention Of Rats


If you find out that you have a rat problem this can be very disturbing, so the first thing that you want to do is try and avoid the problem before it even starts. When you find out you have a rat problem, it can be one of the worst pest problems that you can have. In the colder seasons rodents including rats look for one major thing. This is shelter. 


Are rats dangerous?

These pests can cause a lot of damage and can cause hazardous conditions in a short time by leaving behind their waste. Rodents increase the risk of electrical fire by gnawing through wires. They also gnaw through walls, pipes and other things.


Another dangers thing about rodents is they carry a lot of bacteria like salmonella.


So, how can you prevent rats?


Rats are not a hard pest to prevent if you do it properly. So here are some of our top tips on how to prevent rats from bugging you and your property!


Keep them away from the following three things:

- The easiest way to stop rats entering your home is to deny them access to food, water and shelter.


Properly store food:

- To stop them getting access to food, you can put all food in metal or glass containers with tight fitting lids. This prevents them from accessing it.


Keep property clean:

- If you keep your property clean and tidy, this means it is harder for rats to want to come to your house or garden as they have less places to shelter. 


Store pet food securely:

- If you have pets or bird feeders, it is more likely you will get rats as they love to come and eat all of their food. To stop this happening you will need to put the pet food and bird seed in fitted containers and if possible keep them off the ground.


Make sure rubbish is emptied properly:

- Another way to stop rats entering, is by keeping all your runniest bags in large bins that have a lid to secure them to stop the rats getting inside to eat the things inside.


No organic waste:

- At your house, if you have a compost heap, the best thing to do is to not include organic food as this is a big thing that rats are attracted too.


If rats are found in your property, do not hesitate to call a professional pest control company like Conquest Pest Control.