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Are Cockroaches An Issue In London?

Are Cockroaches An Issue In London?


Yes. Cockroaches are highly known for being very resilient when it comes to pest control services. In London cockroaches are most likely to be found in restaurants and housing during the colder months (winter). They are classed as one of the most known pests in London.


If you have ever spent your time in or around London you may have spotted a cockroach. If you haven't this is most likely because they spend most their time in dark places and are motionless. Cockroaches are only one of London's very many pest problems but with cockroaches being in the top 3.


About Cockroaches


There are three types of cockroaches. These are known as the Oriental, German and American cockroach. 


The typical size of a cockroach is usually around an inch long. Cockroaches have a flat, oval shaped body and if you decide to touch them they are very oily and warm. The cockroaches head is small and is covered by a shield. They have six long legs, these allow then to run very rapidly across almost any surface. Some species of cockroaches have wings that are flattened against their backs.


Cockroaches are generally found indoors. They are found in some areas like cellars, basements, kitchens, bakeries and heating. The Oriental cockroach can survive outdoors in Britain. Cockroaches will often remain hidden during the day using cracks and crevices.


What to do if you have a cockroach problem in London


If you live in or around London and you may believe that you have a problem with cockroaches, make sure you take immediate action and call a reliable 24 Hour London pest control company. Make sure if you see any sign of cockroaches, that you call the pest control company as soon as you can as these insects breed very quickly which makes it a difficult thing to control.


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