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Fly Control Is Vital In Restaurants And Food Outlets
All restaurant owners have a duty to keep their businesses free of pests. One of the worst pests when it comes to restaurants are flies. These pests are a massive nuisance for restaurant owners. Not only that, there are many more reasons why these pests must be kept from your restaurant. Here are reasons why you must engage in fly control:

1. It’s the law

The UK has extremely strict laws when it comes to food hygiene. These laws state that all food sold should be free of contaminants. They also state that restaurants should be clean and free of pests, which is why restaurants need fly control in London.

2. It helps you prevent disease 

These laws are also in place because flies are one of the worst pests when it comes to spreading illness. Their bodies and insides are riddled with bacteria and other diseases. When flies come into contact with food, they leave bacteria behind.

People who eat this food may then experience food poisoning, or become infected with something like salmonella. If you prevent flies in your London restaurant, it goes a long way to preventing customers getting ill.

3. Flies put off customers 

Flies are bad enough when you’re at home. At restaurants they’re even worse. After all, who wants to pay money for a meal and then have to deal with flies? If this happens, guests may get an extremely bad impression of your business. What’s more, they may choose to never return to your restaurant. This is something you’ll obviously want to avoid. Even worse, they may tell people about this negative experience, and this could damage your reputation. 

No matter what type of business you run, fly control is vitally important. This includes all restaurants, cafes, pubs and takeaways. In fact, any business that has to do with food, cannot afford to have flies. 

Flies are one of the top pests that affect London. There are many options for fly control. To start with you need to prevent flies. The best way to do this is by keeping your kitchen clean and managing waste. Wipe down all surfaces and keep food preparation areas clean. Flies are also primarily attracted to rotting food in dustbins. These should have a lid that seals tightly and should be frequently emptied. They must also be washed out periodically. 

Flies can come in from the outside through doorways. These should have fly screens or plastic strips. Along with this your restaurant should have glue strips installed They have a glue that attracts flies. Once they land on the glue, they get stuck and die. You may also want to place special fly fans in your business. Alternatively, special blue light fly zappers are popular.