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How to Keep Urban Foxes Away From Your Garden Bins
Most people enjoy the sight of urban foxes. That being said, this is not always the case. A lot of the time, these animals can become a major nuisance. This is especially true if they’re going after your outdoor or garden bins. The rubbish can end up strewn across the outside of your property. This is true whether you keep your dustbin in your front or back garden, or on your drive. But what can you do about fox control in London, and is it possible to keep foxes out of your bins?

What to do when urban foxes rummage through your bins

The reason why urban foxes go after garden bins is because they are looking for food. Your dustbin contains a lot of waste food! Foxes will eat almost anything. They are opportunistic feeders. They have got so used to living around humans, that human food is very appealing to them, but when they get in foxes can ruin your garden.

Now, the easiest way to keep urban foxes out of bins is by placing a weight on the lid of your bin. In this scenario, a brick or two works perfectly. You can also purchase a tamper proof bin. These bins have a lid that either clips or screws shut. This keeps animals out and garden refuse safe.  A more expensive, but more sightly option that some people choose, is to have a wooden bin storage unit that has its own door. This way, the dustbin is kept out of sight.

More ideas for keeping foxes out of dustbins

Foxes generally attack bins at night. They like to do this in the dark. If a light comes on, the fox will run away. The simple and easy solution, then, is to install motion sensor lights near to where you bins are placed. The light will turn on and the fox will leave your bins alone. You can also use motion sensing sprinklers to achieve the same effect.

If you want something more sophisticated, then try experimenting with fox repellent spray. These sprays work in different ways. Some mimic the scent marks of other animals and this keep foxes being a nuisance in your garden.
Statues of foxes and dogs are also said to work well. These fool the fox into thinking that another animal is in the garden. In many cases the fox will leave. Just make sure to move your statue from time to time. If I’s always in the same place, they will realise it is not a live animal.