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Where do wasps go during the winter months?
Where do wasps go during the winter months?

Wasps die off during the winter months. This is not because of the cold. it is because of starvation and the lack of food.


From September onwards you will start to see larger wasps than you normally would. These are known as the queen wasps. You will notice them when they start to emerge from their winter hiding places. Queen wasps usually hibernate during the winter in crevices and sheltered places. The queens go out to look for a new place to build or lay their eggs. 


As the days start to get warmer, the queen wasps will start to come out from hibernation where they have been spending the winter months in a deep sleep.


Hibernation usually takes place from as early as the beginning of September to as late as the end of April.


How do you know its a queen wasp?

Queen wasps are usually the centre of a wasp nest, and the rest of the wasps in a colony exist to feed and care for her. 


She is the only female in a colony able to lay eggs, so the colony's survival depends on her. Queen wasps look basically the same as worker wasps, making it difficult to identify but they are a lot bigger.


Do queen wasps sting?

Only female wasps, including queens, have stingers, which are used solely for self-defense. Bright colours warn others of their painful sting.


What should you do if you think you have a wasp nest?


If you think you have a wasps nest on your property, it’s important to have it dealt with properly by contacting pest control professionals like ourselves. Make sure any pets or children stay far away from the nest site, as aggressive workers or even the queen are prone to stinging if they feel threatened. We know how to handle wasps correctly and safely.