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New Years Pest Issues

New Years Pest Issues 


Over the winter holiday months, a lot of people take time of work to spend time with family. These people include public service workers like bin collectors, bus drivers and others. These type of people provide services all year round but often if they take a few days off, it can result in a backlog of work.


Bin men are the ones who take this up especially over christmas as over christmas they will have to deal with all the christmas rubbish that is left and piled up. but when this happens it will start to attract rats and mice. This will then result in you needing a rodent control company in January.


Over the christmas period, if you leave your rubbish to pile up or you have missed just one bin man collection your waste could pile up very quickly. This would mean that you have to take your rubbish to a local tip to dispose it personally.


Pests in your bins


If you leave your rubbish bags out over night, they will be left there for rodents to come and break into for food. They will rip the bags open and leave all the rubbish everywhere. Rodents are one of the worst for this problem but they aren't the only pest that will scavenge into your bin bags. Foxes also have a common reputation for being “urban pests”.  But rats and mice are the pests you need to mainly look out for as they breed a lot.  Your garden could soon be a home to hundreds of rats making you have a desperate need of pest control.


Do you have a rodent problem?


If you have already seen a rat, this most likely means that you already have a problem. The first thing that you should do is try to rodent proof your home as this colder weather attracts rats and mice for shelter. They are able to squeeze there bodies into tiny holes and cracks. You also need to make sure theres no cracks or crevices in your roof, windows  and doors. 


You will have to make sure your home is rodent proof to ensure you do not get any problems.


You will need to maintain your garden to ensure you do not give the rats any shelter and hiding spaces.


Check out our other blog “Keep your home pest-free” to find out how to keep your house free of any pests. 


Make sure that if you have any rodent problem to act fast as the rate of which rodents breed is very quickly and the problem can escalate rapidly.


If you think you may be in need of some specialist rodent control in London, then contact the professionals to eradicate the problem before you become overrun. Conquest pest control expertise your needs for all your pest control needs in London.