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Are Bed Bugs Using Eurostar To Spread From Paris To London?
Is the threat of Paris bed bugs spreading to London growing? Unfortunately, yes. Bed bugs have always been a problem in the capital city, and this problem is getting worse. One of the reasons is because of the outbreak of bed bugs in Paris. This story has been all over the news recently. But why are there now more bed bugs in London, and what can you do about it?

Why are bed bugs in London on the rise?

The simple reason is because, like many pests, bed bugs are international travellers. You see, the primary way that these pests spread is through travel. For example, these pests may be in the hotel you’re staying at. So while the bed bug problem in the UK is already significant, we could be set to see an increase in cases. 

You then travel home from Paris with bed bugs and from there they start to breed, or you stay in a hotel or use public transport and deposit them there. This is why we now have so many bed bugs in London. People are going over to France and bringing the bugs back with them. What’s also making this problem a lot worse is public transport. The biggest culprit here are things like trains, which includes the Eurostar.
If you’ve been following this story on social media, you’ve probably seen videos of bed bugs on French trains. These trains are apparently crawling with the pests. To the point where people are able to film videos of them moving around!
If you know anything about these pests, you’ll know how unusual this is. Bed bugs are rarely seen during the day. They hide when it’s light outside, and only come out at night. If the bugs are scampering in daylight hours, it means the problem is now severe.

What can you do to prevent bed bugs coming home?

But what can you do about this problem, and more specifically bed bugs in London in order to assess whether you need professional chemical or heat treatment for bed bugs? First of all, be aware of the issue. If you’re travelling to Paris, then make sure to watch out. That’s why you’ll need to inspect everything when arriving at your destination. When you arrive at your holiday accommodation, please consider doing the following steps. 

Place your luggage in the bathroom. Bed bugs do not often enter this room, so this keeps your luggage safe. Then, remove all of your clothing and inspect every inch of it. Next, inspect the room. Look for the signs of bed bugs. This includes dark brown spots and bedding, blood spots, and shed skin. Remove all bedding and look for these signs. It’s also a good idea to leave your luggage in the bathroom for the duration of your stay. This will prevent bed bugs from getting into it.
Once you arrive home, inspect everything again. Wash all clothing thoroughly and leave your bag outside for a few days. If you do have bed bugs, this will give them a chance to crawl away. It also prevents you from bringing them into your home. As long as you follow these precautions, you should be okay, but call us for professional London bed bug control if you do find you end up with an infestation.